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MMACOIN: Cryptocurrency for the Entire MMA Industry

MMACOIN, LLC has recently revealed the first cryptocurrency for investors, fighters and fans of the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) industry worldwide — MMACOIN™ ($MMA).

$MMA is a deflationary charity-focused cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

MMACOIN believes that $MMA will dominate the industry with its best-in-class tokenomics, reputable token development team, professional core management team, first-rate sponsorships, unique fighter NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and extensive charitable giving.

A part of every non-merchant transaction of $MMA will go to :-

  • Children’s charities, especially MMA-based charities.
  • $MMA token liquidity, which is locked for life.
  • Existing $MMA token holder’s wallets through frictionless yield. $MMA holders will proportionally earn more of the token as other parties transact with it.
  • Token burning, as $MMA is deflationary.
  • NFT marketing efforts, token development, exchange listings, integrations, promotions, and more.

The NFT program aims to provide a way for sponsored fighters and other athletes to create and mint their own NFT collection, which will be made available via sales and $MMA promotions.

The token is not exclusively tethered to any single fight promotion company, allowing it to be widely available across the industry.

$MMA holders are able to enjoy periodic airdrops of the $MMARewards token, which can be redeemed via the MMACOIN merchandise store.


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