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Texas’s City of Abilene & Taylor County to Build a $2.4 Billion Infrastructure for Bitcoin mining

Texas’ City of Abilene and Taylor County recently announced that they have partnered up with Houston-based Lancium to build a $2.4 billion data center campus.

This infrastructure is expected to host bitcoin mining and other energy-intensive applications. This renewable energy-powered project will start at 200 MW and has an expansion capacity of more than 1 GW

We are very proud to be part of the community and build one of our flagship Clean Campuses in Abilene. We chose Abilene for our second Clean Campus because of its ideal location, proximity to abundant wind and solar generation, high-quality workforce and the opportunities to grow in the future.


We want to thank the city, county and all of the members of the economic development team that worked together to help make this significant milestone possible.


Michael McNamara, Co-founder and CEO of Lancium

The construction of this new facility will be commence in Q1 2022 on approximately 800 acres of land in Abilene and Taylor County. According to the press release, the data center aims to bring in around $993.4 million in total economic impact to Abilene and Taylor County.

Lancium will be making a yearly payment of $486,000 to Abilene in lieu of taxes for 20 years. This provides $9.7 million worth of funds over that time for the mall.

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