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Thailand Post gets into NFTs

Thailand Post Co., Ltd., is making a new page of history in the world of collectibles, by taking reservations for “crypto-stamps”. These combine the classic appeal of postage stamps with popular digital assets such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), for the first time in ASEAN.

Dr. Dhanant Subhadrabandhu, CEO of Thailand Post Co., Ltd., said that on the occasion of Thailand Post’s 140th anniversary, which also marks the appearance of the first Thai stamp, Thailand Post has created a special issue of stamps which are a new experience in the world of philately, “crypto-stamps”, to be produced in a limited print run of only 50,000 items.

It is uniquely possible to use the code printed on the stamps to register for ownership of a special collection of NFTs made by the community of Thailand’s leading NFT artists.

The NFT designs combine distinctive characters for images on the stamps, with elements symbolic of postal activity such as red color, line art, post boxes and logos to communicate the cooperation between Thailand Post and the NFT community.

It is a new page of history for Thailand Post to go beyond physical stamps into the digital world.

The “crypto-stamp” set will be printed as self-adhesive stickers with a scratch code to register receipt of the associated NFT, while it is still possible to use the stamp for postage in the Thailand Post system with a denomination of 140 baht. NFT stamps have also been issued in countries such as Austria, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Netherlands.

Reservations open on 1 August 2022 at www.Thailandpostmart.com. More details are available on 02 573 5463, 02 573 5480, Facebook Thailandpostmart, or LINE, both on @ThailandPostMart.com and @stampinlove.


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