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UK Travel Firm Allows Passengers to Book Flights with Bitcoin

Alternative Airlines, a travel company in the United Kingdom, has just announced its partnership with cryptocurrency service Utrust to allow customers to book flights with bitcoin. The cryptocurrencies that can be used in the transactions are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, DigiByte and Utrust tokens.

Alternative Airlines’ website allows customers to book flights from more than 650 airliners such as Delta, United, British Airways, and Emirates with cryptocurrencies.

Star Jets International has already allowed customers to pay for their tickets with Bitcoin for their personal flights. Star Jets International is a company under Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc.

Bitcoin ATM in Miami International Airport

A Bitcoin ATM machine has been installed next to Gate G16 at Miami International Airport. Doug Carrillo, Bitstop co-founder, and chief strategy officer, said more travelers go from place to place with bitcoin instead of cash as it is convenient and secured.

Miami International Airport is a perfect place for bitcoin holders to conveniently exchange their dollars for bitcoin when traveling domestically and abroad, said Carrillo.

When arriving at destinations such as in Miami, travelers can now buy or sell bitcoin for cash to spend on local products and services where cash is only accepted. 

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