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Unique ‘Time Travelling’ NFT to Be Up for Bids

Sm-ART NFT — the first platform in the world to allow anyone to buy, sell and own fine works of art, sculptures and luxury jewellery with fractional tokens — is starting a 7-day auction where bidders may get the chance to ‘travel through time.’

This is a unique opportunity to experience the world of Gerald Genta and his vision for Patek Philippe while travelling through time and uncovering the brand’s rich heritage and two of its most iconic watches. It’s not to be missed.


Danny Sangha, Co-founder and CTO of Sm-ART NFT

This 1 of 1 edition NFT (non-fungible token) in question features a unique digital animation that begins with original sketch of the Patek Philippe Nautilus watch by designer Gerald Genta, which gradually progresses to the launch of the highly-coveted watch in 1976. The watch ‘travels’ through the 30 years by subtly morphing into a 3D animated version of the discontinued Nautilus 5711/1A-010.

(Source: Sm-ART NFT)


Investors are able to purchase fractional shares in high value and unique items — such as fine art, sculptures and other luxury items, through blockchain ownership, all thanks to Sm-ART NFT. The assets are fractionalized with the ERC20 protocol, which can then be bought and re-sold on the platform or other platforms like OpenSea.

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