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With $4.6 Billion ETF Debut, Bitcoin Fever Grips Wall Street

The first day of trading in spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) witnessed a robust showing, with over $4.6 billion flowing through the 11 newly launched ETFs. Grayscale, the crypto behemoth, emerged as the early kingpin, with its converted GBTC ETF alone raking in more than $1.9 billion in trades. BlackRock and Fidelity, established giants in the traditional financial realm, followed closely with $942 million and $628 million in trading volume, respectively. The day witnessed over 700,000 individual trades.

In a move hailed as a “watershed moment” for the crypto world, the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday gave the green light to 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs. These long-awaited financial instruments finally hit the trading floor yesterday, sparking a flurry of activity and igniting a multitude of questions.

Analysts suggest that Grayscale’s hefty volume might be primarily driven by existing investors cashing out of GBTC in favor of newer ETFs offering lower fees or direct physical backing. But BlackRock and Fidelity’s figures likely represent an influx of fresh capital, eager newcomers tapping into the Bitcoin wave via these regulated products.

While the trading floor sizzled, Bitcoin’s price, after an initial jump, settled around $46,000, showcasing relative restraint. Altcoins, which had been on a tear lately, appear to be taking a breather after their recent surge. Analysts, however, caution against complacency, warning of a potential market correction once the initial euphoria fades.

Beyond the trading frenzy, the ETF launch carries profound implications for the broader financial landscape. For one, it bestows a badge of legitimacy upon Bitcoin, paving the way for its acceptance within the walls of traditional financial institutions. This could open doors to a plethora of new investors, injecting billions into the crypto ecosystem.

However, not everyone is embracing the Bitcoin bandwagon. Vanguard, a behemoth in the retail investment world, declared it wouldn’t offer the ETFs to its clients, citing the “highly speculative” and “unregulated” nature of the asset class. This decision sparked a fiery debate, with some seeing it as a missed opportunity and others applauding the cautious approach.

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