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A Bridge to Boost Blockchain Interoperability and Lower Fees on Ethereum

Ethereum-built payment platform Fuse Network has established a mutual bridge with Binance Smart Chain, in order to increase interoperability with more of the blockchain space.

Anyone can now take an ERC20 token on Fuse Network and transfer it to Binance Smart Chain, and it works the other way around too. So far, only WETH (wrapped Ether) is eligible for bridging. However, more tokens – including FUSE – will be made eligible in the coming weeks. More explanation regarding the bridge can be found here.

One of the earliest two-way bridges to Ethereum was created due to Fuse’s development. The bridge plays a huge role in the growth of the platform. Unfortunately, the costly fees on Ethereum are not making the bridge any more attractive to the users, especially the ones who want to trade small and medium amounts of crypto assets on the FuseSwap decentralized exchange. For the sake of achieving its core mission to make payments and DeFi more accessible to the mainstream, it is highly crucial for Fuse to provide users with a way to send and bring in assets from other highly-liquid blockchains at lower costs.

Fuse is a fast developing blockchain and dApp (decentralized application) ecosystem that strives to provide user-friendly payment services and DeFi (decentralized finance). GoodDollar project, one of the most commonly used dApps in the crypto industry with an active user base of 40,000, happens to be powered by Fuse. Fuse also has a sophisticated plug-and-play infrastructure such as Fuse Studio where users can launch token-payment communities, the native FuseDollar stablecoin, and a pending mobile wallet Fuse Cash in its arsenal.

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