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Amber Group Purchases $2 Million Carbon Offsets in Moss Earth Partnership

Cryptocurrency trading and technology company Amber Group announced that it has partnered with climate tech company Moss Earth — the first and largest environmental platform in the world to tokenise carbon credit.

Amber Group purchased 250,000 carbon tons offsets’ worth of MCO2 tokens — Moss’s tokenised carbon offsets — as part of the agreement, which is likely to offset the cost of over 280,000 Bitcoin transactions.

Climate change is the central issue of our times. Joining forces with Moss Earth will constitute a major pillar of our carbon neutral business impact ambition and a path towards a long term carbon-negative pledge which we will be announcing soon.


We will be working towards offsetting our carbon footprint, toward providing options for our users to act upon this commitment and eventually acting to remove carbon emitted since Amber Group commenced activities in 2017.


Michael Wu, Founder and CEO of Amber Group

In an effort to combat climate change, Amber Group is announcing its initiative to offer carbon offsetting options. All the users have to do is purchase MCO2 Tokens.

Launched in March 2020, MCO2 is a digital asset that verifies the prevention of one tone of carbon dioxide emission and each unit equates to a single carbon credit. Funds are transferred to conservation projects in the Amazon via the certification process and token minting.


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