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Bitcoin Core Key Developer Jeff Garzik Starts a Web3 Production Company

One of the key developers of the Linux operating system and Bitcoin Core project, Jeff Garzik, has publicly declared the launch of an independent entertainment company NextCypher Productions — a company that aims to produce independent science fiction entertainment via Web3 tools.

Garzik stated that, thanks to NextCypher, he is able to get back to what he is passionate about — science fiction. In fact, it was science fiction that led him to enter the crypto scene in the first place.

The Bitcoin pioneer remarked that the foundations of Web3 can be found in cyberpunk literature. The genre includes classic titles like William Gibson’s Neuromancer, Neal Stephenson’s Snowcrash, and roleplaying video games such as Shadowrun and Cyberpunk.

Garzik is also a well-renowned co-founder of Bloq, Spacechain, and Vesper Finance. While his primarily software engineering and cryptocurrency background does not translate well to a Hollywood career, he sought out talents such as Mark Altman and Thomas Vitale to create science fiction works of entertainment that he visualises.

According to Garzik’s interview, in order to launch the first television projects Deathlands and Looking Glass by 2023, he invested $1 million of his personal money to finance NextCypher.

Besides utilizing NFTs, the project aims to use social media to connect with international audiences by providing access to exclusive markets and opportunities to fans and supporters, such as exclusive previews and including interaction with stars and the creative team, as well as a preview of the creative process.

Based on Garzik’s statements, the team is still deciding on which blockchain the NFTs will be minted on. One thing for sure is that he is looking to avoid the typically high costs that Ethereum charges.

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