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Curv Partners with MetaMask to Support DeFi Assets Custody Institutions


Curv is teaming up with MetaMask to allow institutions to invest in institutional-grade custody options in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.

Curv is a start-up in custody that specializes in multi-party computing, and after developing an interface with the lending protocol Compound in July of this year the company decided to integrate with MetaMask. MetaMask is a wholly-owned product of ConsenSys, the Ethereum software business. 

Curv’s clients are skilled traders who want to use lending, stake and trade protocols; and exchanges and wallet providers who want to provide integrated access to DeFi protocols to retail customers, Curv CEO Itay Malinger said.

“You get all the company controls, security level and audit trail you’d get from Curv, but you get integration with all the DeFi protocols with MetaMask in a single click,” Malinger added.

The program is only available to a select number of early adopters so that the new program is not overwhelmed by organizations, but MetaMask plans to release the program broadly by the end of next year, said Patrick Berarducci, ConsenSys’ global co-head of fintech. 

The MPC technology from Curv allows several individuals within an entity to approve financial decisions on DeFi protocols such as smart contract loans of properties.

“There are an infinite number of interactions you can have with a very large number of smart contracts when it comes to DeFi,” Malinger said. “An institutional investor, therefore, wants to maintain the operational policy they have for their digital assets and to be flexible in defining those policies.”

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