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EZ Blockchain to Eliminate Gas Flaring and Wastage in Texas

Located in western Texas, the Permian Basin is the largest oil and gas producer in the US — having produced 86.4 million barrels of oil in February 2021. The majority of the 9,000 oil and gas producers have been flaring and venting the natural gas released from oil drilling for years, since they lack the infrastructure required to bring this gas to the market.

EZ Blockchain decided to set up an office in Houston, Texas so as to eliminate gas flaring and wastage with a new immersion cooling mobile data center.

Houston is a home to hundreds of oil and gas exploration and service companies. It’s the place to be if we really want to provide a scalable solution to the energy sector.


Sergii Gerasymovych, CEO of EZ Blockchain

The recruitment of staff for the new Houston office is already underway. The first team members will be recruited for the business development, technical, human resources, project engineering, and environmental teams.

The company invested in an extensive R&D and Engineering of liquid cooling mobile data centers at its manufacturing facilities as part of its strategy to increase its market share in Texas.

Vlad Rodinoff, President and Founder of EZ Blockchain, said that the mobile immersion cooling systems are ready to be deployed from their production facility.

The mass production of the latest mobile data centers with immersion cooling will commence in September 2021. Most of the data centers already produced will be used for EZ Blockchain’s internal deployments, while the rest will be allocated to strategic crypto mining partners.

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