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Ivno Officially Launches Tokenization Software Solution

Ivno has announced its formal launch of its groundbreaking Tokenization software solution that is optimized with R3 Corda, a next-gen blockchain platform that promises scalability, privacy, and security.

The software provides a secure, dynamic smart contract solution that is designed to cater to regulated financial services companies around the globe. Businesses will be able to issue security tokens, banks and stablecoins, or any other tokenized asset with this innovative software.

Ivno’s software is integration-ready and makes the secure minting and the management of stablecoins — in order to meet the highest regulatory compliance standards — a lot easier for enterprise use.

The engine provides the tools to integrate token functionality into existing workflows and systems, which the network operators, custodians, and participants can benefit from.

CEO of Ivno, Aaron Grantham, said that Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s announcement about the launch of a new fintech team to contribute to the exploration of a potential “Britcoin” lines up with Ivno’s vision for the market sector.

“We firmly believe Tokenization, which includes digital token, bank and stablecoin is the future for the global financial services industry which is approaching the adoption tipping point,” said Grantham.

According to Forkast.news, the post-pandemic global tokenization market size is predicted to increase exponentially, with the market size in Europe reaching $1.5 trillion in 2024. The global Tokenized marketplace opportunity is estimated to be within the range of $50 trillion.

The need for strict regulatory compliance, the delivery of a premium customer experience, and the capacity for meticulous fraud prevention are the prominent factors behind this growth. Ivno Tokenization aims to deliver all of these and beyond starting from today.

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