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Windows Users Beware – New Wallet Data Stealing Malware On The Loose

Technology and internet behemoth Microsoft’s security arm, Microsoft Security Intelligence, published a tweet on August 27 alerting Windows users of a malware called Anubis, which they found to be targeting credit card credentials and also cryptocurrency wallet details.

“The new malware shares a name with an unrelated family of Android banking malware. Anubis is deployed in what appears to be limited, initial campaigns that have so far only used a handful of known download URLs and C2 servers,” said the team in the following tweet.

Users are usually urged to download Anubis via malicious websites or phishing emails that install the malware on users’ laptops once a link is clicked. The Anubis malware bears similarities to that of the Loki malware first discovered in February 2016 which specifically targeted Android systems. 

According to online publication ZDNet, this is not the only new malware on Windows that is putting cryptocurrency holders and users at risk. A report published last week highlights another malware called KryptoCibule, which will not only steal data related to crypto wallets, but also switch out the wallet addresses on the clipboard to illegally and sometimes unknowingly divert funds from transactions elsewhere. On top of that, it will also install a crypto miner on the user’s system. The malware is attached to pirated torrent files and are run when users run the software they pirated.

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