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One Republic Becomes First Major Artist to Be Paid in Bitcoin

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Grammy-winning band One Republic was recently paid entirely in Bitcoin after their last week’s performance right outside of Vienna. This makes them the first major artist in the US to accept cryptocurrency. The band revealed to have handled the cryptocurrency transactions with the Strike peer-to-peer bitcoin payment app.

My band and I are so happy to be a part of something that we believe is, without question, the future of how payments are transacted for unlimited amounts of assets, performances, services, purchases, music, etc. around the world.


Whether it’s artists using NFTs to fund albums with their fans or bands being paid for concerts in crypto, music and tech go hand in hand. With that in mind, it only made sense for us to take the next logical step


Ryan Tedder, Frontman of One Republic

The band’s Vienna show — which followed their MTV Europe Music Awards performance — was a huge hit, having been sold out within minutes. Tedder said that he would be paid in Bitcoin for an upcoming private concert as well.

Tedder is known for his passion for evolving technology and has his own NFT collection called Cartoon Collection Series One as a collaborative work with artist Bustart. According to the collection’s website, the work is inspired by “the joy found as a child watching Saturday morning cartoons.”

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