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These Next Gen NFTs Will Help Create Immersive Mobile Ad Campaigns

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SmartMedia Technologies (SMT) is launching The SmartMedia Lab, a self-service platform that agencies and brands can utilize to create immersive mobile advertising campaigns with the help of SmartMedia Objects (SMOs), which are its proprietary non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The SMOs are distributed and automated to run across the displays, search, social, and CTV in order to encourage better brand engagement which leads to improved business outcomes. The fact that SMOs exist debunks the myth that NFTs are merely technological fads, as well as proving that NFTs can be applied in many other industries than we think.

The company has been a pioneer of NFT technology since 2018. CEO/CTO of SmartMedia Technologies Tyler Moebius has always believed that NFTs will explode in popularity sooner or later.

“It’s extremely exciting to see others finally realizing the potential of NFTs that our team has always believed in,” said Moebius. “While many industries scramble to jump on the bandwagon now, SMT has been building and perfecting our SMOs for years, delivering secure and intelligent NFT campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world.”

What separates an SMO from a typical NFT is its high programmability, AR/VR capabilities, network awareness, and the ability to run autonomous long-running code; this makes them artificially intelligent. They are similar to apps, and can be obtained, picked up or dropped via any HTML browser without a need for download. Much like any cryptocurrency on any NFT exchanges, they can be bought, sold and traded.

Fjallraven, Ben & Jerry’s and MillerLite are among the top brands that SMT helped to deliver SMO campaigns. Avocados of Mexico’s Super Bowl LIV campaign is an engagement reward system in which users had the chance of acquiring or winning an SMO, the golden Avocado, that is worth $10,000.

“We are helping brands innovate and rethink what is possible when it comes to audience activation and engagement,” said Moebius. “We’ve seen the most widely used application of SMOs by our brands thus far in the form of giveaways to acquire new customers. However, the campaign possibilities are endless.”

SMOs are further expanding the capabilities of NFTs by applying them to advertising, enabling brand engagement with their consumers that is more direct and decentralizing advertisements.

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