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Top Cryptocurrencies for Students to Buy in 2023

Although the cumulative market cap of cryptocurrencies decreased in 2021, digital coins still remain a popular investment tool. Cryptocurrencies keep piquing our interest with ups and downs and surprising profits and losses. While some benefit from windfall profits, others go bust overnight. Sometimes, it looks like a no-brainer. Why not invest in something that promises huge returns? But it’s not all plain sailing, as many have painfully learned.

In light of the above, students need to be particularly cautious about investing in crypto. To help you make a balanced decision based on careful analysis and research, we offer an overview of the top cryptocurrencies you can consider to make a safe investment.

–       Litecoin (LTC)

Created in 2011 by a Google engineer, LTC is essentially a modified version of Bitcoin’s open-source code. Many think LTC is the most powerful competitor to Bitcoin and its dominance. There is no central authority controlling LTC. In general, it is thought to be a viable alternative to investments in stocks.

–       Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Created in 2017, BCH enabled an increase in the size of blocks. As a result, more transactions are possible with enhanced scalability. BCH was also a great solution for those fed up with small data blocks leading to delays in transaction times.

BTC has been a popular choice for thousands of college students who opt for essay order to complete their assignments. They trust professional online writing services to take care of their essays and tasks. Consequently, they continue to enjoy top academic grades and continued academic excellence.

BCH continues to be one of the safest investment options. This is true of lots of students who have meager resources at their disposal. They also take into account the huge potential to scale.

–        Proton XPR

XPR is a new kid on the block. But it made an impressive start to challenge its more powerful rivals with established reputations. It was designed to facilitate peer-to-peer payments and enable customer applications. XPR uses secure and protected identity accounts. Transactions are processed without any risk to customer data.

You can keep private keys and allow others to verify their identities using public keys. This is very convenient. XPR is a great alternative to more expensive competitors. It makes sense for you as a student to start investing in collegebecause you won’t give others the kind of head start that will be difficult or impossible to overcome later.

–       Algorand

Algorand is a blockchain-based and decentralized network. It is a self-sustaining cryptocurrency that has already gained a good reputation for being safe and effective. For many, it is one of the most scalable options. Blockchain technology makes it a popular choice for those actively looking for investment opportunities in financial and capital markets. It might offer less profit, but it also requires less money to buy and more stable and predictable profit margins.

Final Thoughts

The market of cryptocurrencies is a volatile one. Over the years, we have seen its ebbs and flows. We have also witnessed numerous winners and losers. While it looks enticing to commit all your resources to buying up crypto, it is not always a smart decision. What looks profitable today may turn out to be a total misfire tomorrow. That’s why doing your due diligence matters more than you think.

We selected the recommended cryptocurrencies through the above lens. They are known to be safer and more protected than many other competitors. They are not among the most profitable ones, but they have a proven advantage of offering predictable income. That’s crucial because stability is one of the key considerations in any investment project.


Joanne Elliot is a popular blogger among college students. She posts regular articles and posts with fact-based and insightful reviews of the most profitable business and investment opportunities for those with limited financial means. Hundreds of Joanne’s followers have benefited from her crisp recommendations and analyses.

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