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Translucia Collaborates With 3 World-Class Partners to Push Ahead Metaverse Project

T&B Media Global (Thailand) is accelerating the development of its Translucia Metaverse, with three global partners from other countries attending the brainstorming workshop in Bangkok recently to finalize the conceptual design and the key components in the metaverse.

Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, Founder and CEO of T&B Media Global, said the brainstorming session significantly advanced toward realizing the Translucia Metaverse.

 After announcing the project and hosting the Metaverse Unlimited forum, T&B has gained tremendous interest from experts, academics, and developers. 

The brainstorming participants include Pellar Technology, a blockchain technology designer; ITEC Entertainment, a theme park designer; and Two Bulls, a developer of games and activities for entertainment, education, and health.

ITEC Entertainment, bringing expertise from developing concepts to delight and entertain at the famous theme park, Disneyland, around the world, helped invent themes and components of Translucia Metaverse, a place for immersive experiences beyond imagination. 

The world-renowned game developer, Two Bulls, is helping design game and entertainment activities in Translucia. Pellar Technology is designing blockchain technology to support cryptocurrencies and various digital assets. Digital money and assets will be used in the virtual world and linkable to the real world in tune with new-generation lifestyles.

“Translucia Metaverse offers everyone a world built on the core philosophy of creating a high-quality environment for every life, letting everyone experience lasting happiness beyond imagination. This universe will help drive big changes in all areas, from creating the new economy to an industrial revolution, entertainment activities, and a new dimension in personal healthcare.”


Dr. Jwanwat said 

Roy Hui, technology leader at Pellar, said the metaverse was, by definition, revolutionary in everything, creating a new digital world that would bring us into the future. Pellar sees the metaverse as an inspiration for creating a new economy and financial system of the future.

“Translucia means more than just the basic metaverse. Translucia has very ambitious goals. Both in its scale and detail, it covers more aspects than we ever imagined, and, more importantly, Translucia is redefining the metaverse as a utopia. We aim to create a new world as perfect as we can.”, said Hui.

Bill Coan, Managing Director & CEO of ITEC, said the company was fortunate to work on Translucia and that was ITEC the first project to create a metaverse of such scale, a very attractive challenge for a designer. The project, which isn’t only for Thais but for the whole world. So, its elements and design details must serve everyone in lifestyle, culture, etc. Moreover, he added that they had no technological limitations, so they could choose the best to develop this project.”

Evan Davey, Partner at Two Bulls, said: “We are thrilled to be metaverse pioneers in a whole new way. Working with Translucia creates many opportunities and possibilities. I think it’s an opportunity to work with a group of people who share the same vision as the Translucia team. Having the potential to fulfill that vision doesn’t happen often. This project will impact us, the world, showing the metaverse in a new light, unlike any other metaverse we’ve ever seen.”

Further to developments with these three partners, Translucia’s first partner, Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), the leading real estate developer, has announced progress on developing its metaverse, which will be part of Translucia. MQDC announced a collaboration with Accenture, a specialist in business development and strategic planning for the metaverse, at the start of April. Accenture will work closely with MQDC’s development team to develop this metaverse to provide a different and new experience that goes beyond virtual real estate.

T&B has worked with 11 key partners, each a global expert in its field, to create the complete ecosystem to support every detail of Translucia. Since early March, the company has also issued Crown Token, a highly successful utility token traded on ZIPMEX, and jointly developed the ADOT platform to support the issuance of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by creators from different industries in the future.


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