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Umbria and Polygon Collaborates to Release a DeFi Platform

Umbria Polygon DeFi

Decentralized finance platform Umbria Network made a declaration that it will be teaming up with Polygon to deploy its applications on the latter’s network.

Umbria’s team remarked that Polygon network’s Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility prompted them to build the applications there, reaping the benefits of high speed, low cost transactions and the overall composability that the network brings.

As shown in Umbria’s roadmap, the DeFi platform with Polygon side-chain integration on the Mainnet is expected to launch by the third quarter of 2021. It has just released its governance token, which can be utilized to influence the future protocol changes, on UniSwap.

Barney Chambers, the co-lead developer of Umbria, expressed his enthusiasm in working with the team to “achieve (their) common aim of bringing DeFi to the masses by removing barriers to entry”. Chambers went on to say that Polygon will be providing the technical and marketing support.

Arjun Kalsy of Polygon commented “We are happy to help the Umbria team build their suite of DeFi applications and are excited to partner with them on their journey to mass adoption”.

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