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DeepBrain Chain’s Team Gone Mad or Exit Scam?

There was a ruckus among the DeepBrain Chain community as their latest Medium post stirred up a rumor of a potential exit scam. DeepBrain Chain claimed to be artificial intelligence (AI) computing platform powered by blockchain technology and they also offered AI Miners (AIM) which promises cheaper and more convenient computing power for AI companies.

The emergence of Medium post from the official DeepBrain Chain’s account under the topic of “We have stolen your money” has come to the light last night. The message expressed an apology for investors as there will be no delivery of AIM hardware.

People in the community since then brought this subject to the DBC telegram group where some are left in confusion whether the team has gone mad or they just actually pulled off an exit scam.

The team has recently posted an update on Twitter, claiming that their Reddit and Medium accounts have been stolen and are invalidated from now on. The messages written in those channels are false and investors should be following updates on their Twitter’s official account only.

There also has been a report that their official website dbc.team is now inaccessible. The price of DeepBrain Chain (DBC) is being traded around $0.000616 at the moment, which fell approximately 15% during the past 24 hours.

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