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Singapore-Based Crypto Firm Launches New Bitcoin Price Aggregator ‘Oobit Hunter’

Singapore-based crypto firm Oobit recently launched its AI-powered Bitcoin price aggregator service named Oobit Hunter, which allows users to compare Bitcoin prices across different crypto platforms, such as exchanges and peer-to-peer (P2P) desks where they can search for and obtain the best deals. It also offers a one-time Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process via its Oobit Pass service, so users can access multiple offerings across different platforms without repeatedly having to verify their identities. Users can also access their very own Oobit Wallet for crypto asset custody services, supported by Coinbase.

The concept is similar to aggregator platforms such as Skyscanner, Trivago and Expedia, now applicable to digital assets with Oobit Hunter. It aims to streamline the purchasing, selling and storage process for users when a multitude of crypto exchange and asset offerings are available in the market at present.

“We are delighted to bring Oobit’s multifunctional incentivized gateway solution to cryptocurrency users across the globe. Whereas most established industries have comparison platforms that make it easy for users to decide between the products and services of different providers, until now, there has been no such solution for cryptocurrency users. We believe the launch of Oobit will play a pivotal role in helping traders worldwide make decisions about buying and selling cryptocurrencies,” Oobit CEO Amran Adar said.

Founders Amran Adar and Aharon Miller launched Oobit in 2017 initially as a P2P trading community where Bitcoin enthusiasts could trade Bitcoin with other members in the community. The company has raised more than 1 million in funds and is currently engaged in onboarding more investors.

However, according to CoinTelegraph, the Oobit Hunter platform is still far from ready and its launch features limited small exchanges as options.

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