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T-BOX Obtains Digital Asset Portal License from Thailand SEC

T-BOX Obtains Digital Asset Portal License

Earlier this month, T-BOX (Thailand) Limited received final approval and activation for its Digital Asset Portal License from the Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The Thai government has shown to be a leader in the Asia Pacific region with respect to blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation, and T-BOX believes that its license approval will help to push forward the establishment of an open and robust digital asset capital market in Thailand.

As per Thai SEC regulation, any public or private token sale that launches and solicits in Thailand must be executed via a licensed digital asset portal. Under the scope of its Digital Asset Portal License, T-BOX will be allowed to work with domestic Thai and foreign issuers to launch token sales in Thailand. There are no restrictions on the industry or sector for token issuers and projects, and each token issuer/project will be carefully evaluated by the T-BOX team and by the Thai SEC before official launch and sale. Tokens sold via T-BOX’s platform can be purchased by domestic Thai and foreign investors in either fiat currency or cryptocurrency, provided that investors successfully complete a registration process and pass screening by the T-BOX Compliance Team.

In the coming months, T-BOX will work closely with high quality token projects and will announce upcoming token sales via its website (https://tbox.net). Prospective token investors and issuers are invited to visit the T-BOX website and subscribe to the T-BOX Newsletter for updates on upcoming token sales and services.

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About T-BOX

T-BOX is an end-to-end service provider for corporate issuers who are looking to raise capital via digital assets (tokens, coins, etc.). Our main service areas include 1) deal and token structuring; 2) due diligence and regulatory approval; and 3) go-to-market and token launching. T-BOX also provides a platform for investors to discover and access exclusive token investment opportunities from high-quality companies and projects that are curated by our team of experienced business, tech, and blockchain professionals.

The T-BOX team are long-term believers in blockchain technology and its ability to financially empower individuals and companies. The company’s goal is to establish an open and robust token capital markets platform that can provide legitimate investing and financing alternatives for investors and issuers alike. To achieve this goal, T-BOX will create a platform that will allow investors of all types to find and invest in high-quality token projects and will allow companies of all sizes to find and receive funding for their businesses and projects.

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